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The firm


The Firm is conceived with a vocational character for the provision of services to companies, where the main thing is the defense of the legal interests of its clients.

The services we offer are strictly professional and are provided with exclusive dedication.
Professional secrecy is a maxim in the Firm, with priority in the performance of the functions entrusted to confidentiality, discretion and strict compliance with the deontological standards that govern our profession, as well as prompt and immediate attention to clients and treatment personalized.

The Firm has clearly and solidly established signs of identity, which are projected in all areas in which it carries out its activity, both internally and with respect to clients and other professionals with whom it has contact.


Linked from the beginning to the business world, ACEBO & RUBIO, ABOGADOS has been advising important companies on the Spanish economic scene, operating in sectors as diverse as venture capital, shopping centers, real estate, insurance, the industrial, services, financial, energy, distribution, audiovisual, editorial, etc.


A team of professionals with extensive experience and work procedures tested over the years, and constantly improving, make ACEBO & RUBIO, ABOGADOS a benchmark law firm in the Spanish market.


Finally, we want to highlight the independence of our advice and the utmost respect for the ethical and deontological standards that govern our profession, as basic pillars of our practice of law.

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